As President of the Northwest Screenwriters Guild in Seattle from 2007-2009, I had the great pleasure of interviewing over 30 folks from the film/TV industry, including WGA writers, DGA directors, executives, agents, managers, SAG/AFTRA actors, and several EMMY and OSCAR nominees and winners.

I have also had the pleasure of moderating panels at the Austin Film Festival, PNWA Conference, and the Great American Pitchfest.

Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2009, I began working as a podcast producer/co-host for the On The Page screenwriting podcast with Pilar Alessandra. We are ranked in Top 50 of iTunes TV & Film podcasts with 3,000 to 6,000 listeners per week and in 2010 we were listed as “10 Podcasts Worth a Listen” by Moviemaker Magazine.

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I am on the following nearly 50 episodes:

282. Supporting Characters
280. Writing For Saturday Night Live with Hugh Fink
279.  Joy in 2013 with Joy Gohring
278.  Career Strategy with Lee Jessup
240. Writing Through It With Irving Belateche
239. Writing For the Faith Based Market
230. Acting Wisdom For Writers with Kevin E. Shields
229. The Editors’ POV
219. King Of The Hill To Cougar Town with Sanjay Shah
218. Billion-Dollar Writing with Robert Ben Garant
215. Writing Short Film with Nichol Simmons
214. Making Story Out Of Nothing
213. Screenwriting Competitions with Alex Cramer
212. Love and Terror Over The 7-11
202. Production Weighs In On Screenwriting with David Avallone and Augusta Avallone
201. Syd Field!!!!!
200. 200 Writing Tips!
194. The Script Selling Game with Kathie Fong Yoneda
178. Script Analysis for the Director with Mark W. Travis
177. Tami Sagher Writers It All
172. Logline Competition 2010
149. Farewell to Laurence and Aadip
148. Ask The Experts
147. An Agent Speaks with Micehel Wallerstein
144. The Disney ABC Writing Program with Frank Bennett Gonzalez
143. Pitches and Treatments with Nat Mundel
142. Film Festivals with Shaz Bennett
141. Independent Film Producing from the Outside with Paul Battista
140. Kids’ Content with Josh Fisher
136. From On The Page to Production with PA Boot Camp
134. The Holistic Pass
130. The Actor and the Word with Dee Wallace
128. Conversation with Herschel Weingrod
127. Battling Backstory and Character Kryptonite with Jude Roth
124. Writing The Contained Thriller with Carl Ellsworth
123. Setting Goals and Writer’s Block with Debra Eckerling
122. The Skellys Return with David and Jennifer Skelly
119. Loglines 2009
116. Scot Armstrong
115. Shazam! with Bill Birch
114. The Role of the TV Executive with Monique Nash
113. Agent and Client Relationship with Gayla Nethercott and Jimmie Miller
112. Rewrite
111. Breaking into Hollywood from the Outside with Cathy McCarthy
107. Story Analysis On The Page
106. Writing Half Hour TV with Garrett Donovan
105. Legal Issues in New Media with Paul Koenig
102. Writing Groups
101. Writing Great Scene Direction
99. Geek Eye For The Family Guy with David Wright
77. Old School at On The Page (with me as Guest)

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